Studio Milligram

Studio Milligram Candles


Scented candle
5.4cm x 5.5cm
Burn time 20-30 hours
Made using shock-resistant borosilicate glass,

Melbourne-mixed fragrance, soy wax blend.
Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. 

Overland draws on the wild expanse of bushland, with citrus notes contrasting vegetal scents of basil and cedarwood.

Shoal With the crisp, salty-spray atmosphere of the rugged shoreline, Shoal features marine scents with notes of melon, jasmine and cedarwood.

Nocturne has the earthy feel of fire under night skies, with notes of mandarin, lavender and buddhawood.

Ultra Violet is inspired by garden sunsets of summer nights, with notes of bergamot, grapefruit, lily of the valley and musk.



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