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Peperomia Burbella


The Peperomia Burbella is a unique Peperomia caperata hybrid. This gorgeous plant boasts round, rippled leaves in shades of deep green with a silver metallic sheen. The Burbella is a compact, slow-growing plant that can achieve up to 50cm in height and spread. They enjoy higher humidity and warmer temperatures but will be happy in most average household environments. 

Please note that this plant has a provisional PVR pending. 

Light: Likes bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight may burn leaves. 

Water: Allow soil to dry between each watering. 

Soil: Will be happy in a bark/peat-based soil mixed with an orchid mix to create a free-draining medium.

Fertiliser: Will benefit from the application of a balanced plant fertiliser during peak growth periods. 

 Comes in Nursery pot - 12cm

Pictured in White Elho Pot - 14cm (not included) 

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