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New from Growth Technology (GT), comes the next step in plant nutrition. GT Foliar puts foliage growth on the fast track by feeding the leaves for more immediate nutrient uptake. Includes ‘Nature’s Bodyguard’ Silica to strengthen and protect, plus organic-based biostimulants for next level growth. GT Foliar is a growth booster that supplements your usual fertiliser routine. For best results use GT Foliar leaf spray in addition to your GT Focus root fertiliser of choice.

Which plants is GT Foliar best for?

Any plant under stress, or to support faster recovery (especially following root damage).

To correct deficiencies caused by root damage, by over- or under-watering, high or low pH, or exposure to extreme temperatures.

Or if you simply want to fast track foliage growth and push your plants for maximum growth .

Note it's recommended to mix-fed GT Foliar with a root fertiliser such as GT Focus to help refuel and continue the rapid increase in growth while using GT Foliar.

What's in GT Foliar?

I haven't found anything that comes close to the combination and benefits of what's in GT Foliar. This clever formula has to be the simplest way to supercharge growth. Plus all these benefits for our plants and it's ready to use straight from the bottle and comes with the spray trigger top included. Lucky plants. Lucky plant parents!

GT Foliar offers plants a full mineral profile of over 70 essential and beneficial minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

Including Silica, known as 'nature’s bodyguard' for the protective benefits it offers plants, especially plants under stress. Silica is abundant outdoors, but deficient indoors.

Plus 20 different Amino Acids. Organic plant proteins involved in multiple plant growth processes.

As well as 3 types of Kelp. Naturally rich in plant growth hormones auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins.

As well as Fulvic Acids. Organic electrolytes that stimulate growth and improve plant health.

All ready to use with a wetting agent as the base that creates a finer mist, for better leaf coverage and improved absorption for foliar (leaf) feeding.

What does GT Foliar do for plants?

The better question might be 'What doesn't GT Foliar do?' I know it sounds like a plant superfood, but keep in mind GT Foliar is a growth booster, designed to supplement but not replace your root fertiliser.

Increases nutrient absorption to help correct deficiencies.
Aids recovery from common biotic and abiotic plant stresses, such as root rot and pest attack.
Increases speed and size of leaf growth.
Keeps up with increased nutrient demands during high growth periods.
Increases resistance to pests and diseases.
Reduces bud blast and browning.
Fuels production of more and healthier buds and flowers.
Minimises losses due to poor root performance or root damage.
Boosts overall growth and plant vigour.

GT Foliar directions for use
How much?

GT Foliar comes in a ready-to-use 1/2 litre trigger pack (500mls). No preparation required. Simply point and spray. Apply in cooler temperatures in low-light conditions as a fine mist to both tops and undersides of leaves. Avoid spraying blooms and buds. A very light covering is all that’s needed, top and bottom. Applying in the mornings or early evenings is best. In the hottest part of the day stomata are more likely to be closed (the 'pores' on plant's leaves), which reduces absorption.

How often?

Apply in times of stress, or as often as 2 to 3 times a week to push a plant to produce maximum leaf growth during active, vigorous growth periods, when nutrient demand is high and leaves are more efficient at absorbing nutrients.

Can be used throughout the plant’s lifecycle, from the cutting stage to blooming, to target all critical periods of growth as desired. Continue your usual root fertiliser regime, using GT Focus or your chosen fertiliser.

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