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Growth Technology - CLONEX Rooting Gel


Growth Technology CLONEX Rooting Gel - Purple 50ml

Direct from Growth Technology (GT), the original creators of Clonex 20+ years ago, comes the indoor plant hobbyists and outdoor gardeners favourite rooting gel. This is the original formulation of Clonex used the world over, in the Purple strength for propagation of indoor plants.

What plants is this for?

Clonex comes in 3 strengths (Green, Purple and Red). This is Clonex Purple which is for softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings (the domain of indoor plant hobbyists). For all indoor plants cuttings and wet sticks, and for softwood and semi-hardwood outdoor plants. I've used it on everything from Philodendrons and Monstera to African Violets and Begonias with great success. I've even taken older, stubborn cuttings that were doing nothing, trimmed a little extra off the stem, dipped in Clonex, and it's finally made them root.

What does Clonex do?

The subject of numerous scientific studies over the years, Clonex consistently outperformed propagating powders and liquids across a wide variety of plant species to deliver increased strike rates and production, along with quicker and more prolific root growth.

New root growth: IBA (synthetic Auxins), both initiate and promote new root growth. Cuttings trike faster and initial root growth is stronger.

Protect: Anti-fungal agents help protect delicate cuttings from fungal and microbial infections and disease such as stem rot.

Feed: 12 essential macro and micro nutrients and added vitamins feeds newly emerging roots the nutrients they need, at the moment and place they need them, while reducing propagation and transplant stress.

What's in Clonex?

A blend of root growth hormones, anti fungal agents, vitamins and minerals in a stable gel base.

How do you use Clonex?

Dip and grow! Dip the cut end of the stem into Clonex gel to a depth of about 1.5cms. Tap off the extra, leaving a thin layer of Clonex around the cut, then transfer your cutting into water or your substrate of choice. Unlike some powders and liquids, Clonex is not mixed with talc, or dissolved in water. It's super concentrated and instantly and completely seals the cut tissue.

With so little needed, 50mls goes a LONG way so this one bottle will last you a long time. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and away from temperature extremes.

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