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Ficus Elastica - Ruby

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Ficus Elastica - Ruby

We are so excited to bring more Ficus into the world! The Ficus Ruby is a lovely, easy-care plant with remarkable colouring. Shades of green, cream and dark coral pink make the Ficus Ruby unique, with each plant having its own colour intensity and variation of pigment. Add this easy-going houseplant to your plant collection today!


14cm Nursery Pot - Pictured in 16cm Elho 


Limited Purchase - you will not be able to purchase more than one of the same rare plant, it will be removed from your order and you will be refunded. We work hard to make online orders run as smoothly as possible and provide you with the best plants, however, on some occasions, sell-outs may happen in minutes. We cannot guarantee the Shopify system will register all orders during intense traffic spikes. Happy plant shopping and Good Luck! 

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