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Dieffenbachia Camille

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Couldn't have said this better myself, so here is description - enjoy - 

"Dieffenbachia or (to use its common name) Dumb Cane has a bad reputation as a houseplant. It will kill your children, it will commit murder most foul and its even been known to burn down houses! All true stories if you believe those annoying email chains / Facebook shares.

The reputation isn't completely wrong, but it's undeserved and you most certainly have no need to go all Norman Bates on your Dumb Canes (these emails recommend you gather all your Dieffenbachia plants together and burn them as quick as possible!).

The truth is that Dumb Canes are poisonous, however it rarely kills human or animal. All parts of the plant have lots and lots of microscopic needle-shaped calcium oxalate crystals and when some unfortunate animal (or person) chows down, they end up with a painful and swollen mouth.

In some cases the swelling is so bad it causes the victim to go silent for inability to talk, this is where the common name of Dumb Cane came from. Although not a cold hearted killer, it does cause some very unpleasant side effects and a hefty amount of pain to go with it. Avoid coming into contact with the sap and if you do, wash it off before you accidentally rub your eye or somewhere equally unfortunate.

If you can see past this weakness you are in for a treat because Dieffenbachias have some of the most beautiful mix of green / white / yellow foliage you will ever find on an indoor plant.

Pictured in Elho 14cm cover pot - 12cm Nursery pot. 

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