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Alocasia - Stingray


Alocasia macrorrhiza - Stingray

Alocasia Stingray, the aquatic marvel of the plant kingdom! With leaves that mimic the graceful motion of a stingray gliding through the depths of the ocean, this botanical beauty brings an exotic touch to any space.

Adding this extraordinary plant to your collection is like bringing a piece of the underwater world into your home. It's an invitation to embark on a tropical adventure, where you can imagine diving alongside stingrays and exploring vibrant coral reefs.

But fear not, this stingray-inspired beauty doesn't require scuba gear or an oceanic habitat. 

As with most Alocasia, bright indirect light with steady warmth is best. Avoid rooms with small windows or on southern sides of the house (for us in the southern hemisphere). Also, don't let it stay dry too long or dry out too much. It's also important to not overwater, especially in winter. 

 Comes in Nursery pot - 


Pictured in White Elho Pot - 14cm (not included) 

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