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Monstera Esqueleto

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We are selling these under the name Monstera Esqueleto as this plant is commonly being traded under this name in New Zealand. Our findings on this plant variety are truly inconclusive but it is the same genetic material as other plants being traded under this name. Where other traders and hobbyists appear conclusive on what this plant is, it is more ambiguous as records in New Zealand dating back to 1930s don’t give clear ID. You should expect larger leaves and larger fenestrations once these mature and have more growing support. These plants have a leathery-ish texture.

NB Please expect one or two minor blemishes or breakage on leaf margin where unfurling is occurring near a fenestration

These are a rare beaut and we don't have many, get in quick! 

Plant 1 14cm Nursery Pot - Current largest leaf is 20cm long. Plant height from top of pot is 25-30cm

Plant 2 12cm Nursery Pot - Current largest leaf is 23cm long. Plant height from top of pot is 25-30cm


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